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When You're Not Writing...

What do you do when you aren't writing? Lately, I've been really bored. I haven't  been in the mood to do much. I write during the day and at night I normally read or play video games. For some reason I haven't wanted to read anything this last week and video games all just seem dull.

So, I am asking you. What do you do in your spare time? Are there any good TV shows/series that I can stream on Netflix that you all can suggest?

I've debated writing more at night but I've found that if I write more than 4k words a day, the next day I just feel creatively burned out and accomplish nothing. I have a good system going and I am averaging 12-15k words a week. I just can't seem to un-bore myself at night.

Also - you might have noticed all of my previous blog posts are gone. Simple explanation for that. I had over five hundred posts and wanted to take down all of my pictures because too many people are too sue happy these days. Well, even though I've been bored I don't have the time or will power to sit and go through five hundred+ posts to find all the of safe pictures from the not safe pictures. So, sadly, I deleted them all. Apparently even if you credit the original artist or photographer and claim no credit to their work, you can still be sued. Yep, not taking any chances. This happened to an author a while back and after I read about her story I decided to take immediate action. Be careful guys, the internet is a fun and yet dangerous place. Better to be safe than sorry.

I hope you all have a great weekend.
Bonnie Rae


  1. Well, you've got me stumped there. You do everything I do when I'm stuck, bored, or can't write. Video games, reading, and watching TV. I usually have a backlog of TV to catch up on with on my TiVo seeing as I get maybe 5 hours a week to watch TV. Castle, Once Upon A Time, Grimm, Being Human, Merlin, Continuum, Zero Hour, The Following. Those are active on my Tivo at the moment. I have other season passes. Just waiting for them to return to my TV. I watched Downton Abbey, 1st season is all that's on Netflix dammit. And Castle rerun marathon on Monday and Tuesday on TNT. When I get bored of that, I look for movies on netflix, or other TV shows....don't know if that's helped you. :)

    1. I have often thought about checking out Being Human and Grimm. I tried to get into Merlin, but I couldn't. Once Upon a Time is fun, but I couldn't get into that one either. I'm weird because they're both really good shows.

  2. Really? People are suing? That just sounds nuts!

    I don't know how I can help you not be bored... because I run into slumps like that too. So, yeah I'm no help. As for good stuff on Netflix, I just recently was recemmended this series called the Up series. It's not linked as a normal series like most stuff. But basically, it's a social experiment where this group rounded up and interviewed 14 seven-year-olds in 1964 to ask them a bunch of questions about several different things. The first is called Seven Up. Then, in Seven plus Seven, they go back seven years later when they're 14 and see how their opinions change. They've been doing it every seven years, so the following ones are 21 Up, 28 Up and so on. I've only watched the first two, but it's fascinating!

    Anyway, good luck on not being bored! Let us know what you end up doing.


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