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WIP Wednesday

Book: Nether Book 3.
Current Word Count: 11,424
Draft: 1

I've managed to get up to 11k words with the WIP. I'm happy about that since I have had a lot going on. I am totally struggling this week with the muse and with having a cold. But, I wouldn't be writing about Ava if I wasn't struggling. It's no surprise her "muse" is being stubborn. Here's my inspiration this week:

It has been a lot of fun coming back to these characters and seeing how much they've grown up over the course of these three books. I mean, when I started the first book Christa was just a toddler.

For music, I've been revisiting some older tunes I've probably posted on this blog before. I'm rehashing old emotions between some characters and they have certain songs that go with them.

 You're Not Sorry Remix - Taylor Swift

Cold Play - Gravity
(This is literally Ava and Devon's love theme song)

Joan Armatrading - Weakness In Me

Craig Armstrong &Elizabeth Fraser - This Love

I can honestly say that not only have these characters grown up. Some of them have grown a back bone and they're tired of being walked all over. When you have nothing else to fight for, nothing left to lose, you forget the rules and start making your own. I'll just say it. Devon isn't to be messed with in this book and if feels SO good to finally let him be free to make his own decisions.

I apologize for not posting on Monday. I started writing early in the morning and in the afternoon I had to go pick up my brand new shiny:

2013 Honda CR-V EXL
Before I realized it time slipped away and it was Monday night. Yes, I was distracted by my new shiny! =P This thing is like a space ship compared to my old car. The scary thing is new cars now seem to be smarter than humans. Now I know why they are making robotic cars that can drive themselves because that is all the cars these days need us for. Once they master that technology look out world. Seriously, this thing tells me everything. I just wish I could get it to talk to me with a British accent. =( Trust me, I went through all the manuals, there is no option to change the accent. 

Yesterday I started getting sick, BUT I did get to go meet my new fur baby:

Introducing Loki, the Bengal cat

Loki getting some snuggles from me.
He's still too little to bring home yet, but I am hoping I can bring  him to his forever home in the next 3-4 weeks. The pictures aren't that great because trying to take a picture of a non-stop moving kitten is almost impossible. But, you can see some of his little leopard spots he's starting to grow into. =P No kitty could ever take the place of my beloved Mooshu, but I did feel an instant connection with this little guy and I have a feeling my Mooshu had a hand in that. 

Happy Wednesday
Bonnie Rae


  1. Oooh! The kitten is so cute and Loki is a perfect name.

    And congrats on the shiny new car. I got one not too long ago (though it's mostly covered with mud right now and therefore not as shiny) but it doesn't talk to me in any kind of accent.

    Best of luck with the writing!

  2. HOLY ADORABLE KITTEH BATMAN!! That is seriously one adorable cat. Also, yay new car!


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