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Pregnancy, Not So Glorious!

Hello again dear readers!

Hopefully by the time you read this, I will have had my baby. If not, pray for the medical staff that has to put up with my crazy overdue butt. Most of these post are being written and auto scheduled so I don't neglect you all after the birth of my princess. I call her a princess because she is already a little diva and she isn't even here yet. Little miss thang needs to hurry up and make her appearance and stop faking me out with false labor. Although, she's my kid so it doesn't surprise me.

I am going to get down to the nitty gritty and be real with you all. Pregnancy has not been for me. I get there are some women out there that love being pregnant. They are delirious and obviously overcome with hormones. I, on the other hand, have drudged through it with very little grace and an even smaller amount of patience.

In the first trimester, I was sick. Now, not as sick as say Kate Middleton or other pregnant ladies who had to be hospitalized because of severe morning sickness. But sick enough to make me miserable. I never puked. No, instead I would be overcome with fatigue, seriously nauseous, and dizzier than a bad hangover after New Year's Eve. Throwing up might have given me some relief. It never happened. Thank the Lord for ginger ale or my poor husband might not have made it through the first trimester either. Miserable doesn't even properly describe it. I'm sure it didn't help I chose to go off my medication (I'm bipolar and not afraid to admit it) or that my beloved cat died three days after we found out I was pregnant. I was literally going crazy with all of my emotions and not feeling well all hours of every day made it all that much worse. They shouldn't call it morning sickness. It is 24/7 sickness. Total nightmare!

The second trimester wasn't too horrible. I got back on a safer lower dosed medication to calm the crazy and the every day sickness turned into once a week. That was doable. Except, then my clothes started to not fit. Maternity clothes aren't cute people. I don't care where you get them or who designs them, I hated everything. So pessimistic, I know. But hear me out. Before I got pregnant, I'd lost a good twenty pounds and was in awesome shape. A new body, if you will. When I told my doctor that my husband and I wanted to start trying for a baby in a few months time, she prepared me for the worst. She really didn't think it would happen naturally and at least not for a year. (I've had issues in that department of the plumbing). So, I figured I had some time to enjoy the weight loss and my new wardrobe. WRONG! We got pregnant on the first unofficial try. So, to see my waist re-expanding was devastating to say the least. Don't get me wrong, I love my little girl growing inside of me, just not the weight gain that came along with her. Now, I've done really well up until these last three weeks of pregnancy. I'd give into cravings here and there, but I really did my best to maintain a healthy diet and get normal amounts of exercise. I am due August 9th, and have only gained a total of twenty six pounds. Although, when I look in the mirror it feels more like fifty or sixty. Of course, that could be because today I pulled a total preggers move and went to the store to buy Ruffles, stuff to make onion dip, and strawberry milk. Screw it, I am in the home stretch. I deserve it! I digress. Maternity clothes aren't fun and they aren't cheap either! One shirt can be twenty bucks or more in some places. A cute dress? Forget it! Those are like sixty bucks and up. I am having a baby people, I can't afford that! Seriously, the sales and marketing for maternity stuff is plain ridiculous.

Another fun part of my second trimester - acne! Oh yeah, hello being fifteen and awkward pizza face all over again. Only, mine was on my back with the occasional break out on my face. And this wasn't normal run of the mill acne. These were lumps so big I thought I had cysts all over my back. Bless my husband again for rubbing my back down with alcohol every night. I am sure that was such a turn on.

The third and final trimester, I reached in the middle of May this year. Just in time to have a big belly in the summer heat. Not only that, the closer you get to the end of your pregnancy the more disgusting involuntary things your body does. Things will come out of you that you didn't even know could exist. I am not even joking. If you've been pregnant you're sitting their with a sympathetic smile totally agreeing with me. If you haven't experienced pregnancy, get ready! And don't expect to sleep at this stage. I laugh when people tell me I'm going to be exhausted once my little girl gets here. What are they talking about? I am exhausted now! I can't get comfortable no matter how I position my self or where I sleep. If I am lucky I get maybe...maybe an hour or two at a time. At least I will be accustomed to not getting sleep. That's what they should say!

Here is a video clip from the movie "What to Expect When You're Expecting." It pretty much sums up my entire pregnancy, minus the hemorrhoids. Thank God I didn't have those!

Don't get me wrong. The miracle of creating a human being is wonderful. My experience just wasn't. Don't let it scare you. Everyone is different. And like she says in the end of the video, they say once you hold your baby for the first time your forget all of it. I also hope this is true. However, I will go back and reread this post if I ever think about having another baby right away! I have pretty much always felt like a one and done kind of person. Who knows, but let's be real:

Pregnancy sucks! (At least for me it did). =P

Bonnie Rae


  1. I have never been pregnant, but I can't imagine I would love it. My mother, however, went through it four times, and she also says that once you hold that baby, you forget all the pain and hardship. And my friend was where you are before her first was born (an August baby, too) but two years later, she had another. I guess people do never know.

    Best wishes to you and your family.


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