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Fear of Flying

I'm leaving on a jet plane...


I am absolutely terrified of flying. Trust me, I know the statistics. I've been to therapy for it. I know it is by far the safest way to actually travel.

I don't care.

Getting me on a plane requires a dang miracle or a lot of drugs to keep me calm and knocked out. This is bad on so many levels and mainly because all my family live in different states. We have the baby now and everyone wants us to come visit. I hate saying no, but I do offer to split their plane tickets with them to come out to sunny California. They have obligations and reasons why they can't always come my way. I get it, I do. It makes me feel guilty and one day I need to just suck it up and deal.

And then things like this happen:

I just can't. Two  hundred and thirty nine people on board and nobody knows what happened to this plane. It is an eerie reminder of the Air France flight back in 2009. Obviously, something catastrophic took place and the hope of finding…

TBT 90's Songs I Can't Live Without

We all have those songs that take us back...way back. My teen years were spent in the 90's and these are the songs that take me back to the gold old days:

Sohpie B. Hawkins - Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover
Wow, this song! My best friend and I wrote novels in high school and we even wrote some short stories about our crushes. This song is dedicated to that crush ( a certain snare drummer) and that story. I love this song!
Goo Goo Dolls - Iris
My high school sweetheart wrote the lyrics to this song in a note for me. It was our song from then on. Makes me smile every time I hear it. We might not have ended up together in the end, but we sure are great friends now. 
Dave Mathews Band - Crash Into Me
This song has all those summer band camps written all over it! It takes me back to long hot marching band practices, goofing off, crushes and a whole lot of fun. I miss those people and those days!
Smashing Pumpkins - Tonight, Tonight
This song was always blasting out of our car speakers aft…

WIP Wednesday

Book: The Soulless
Status: Outlining individual chapters working on certain pivotal scenes.

I am loving this historical paranormal. It involves way more research versus anything I've worked on before,  but that's okay. I love learning about this stuff. I also love pairing modern music with historical stories. There are some out there that hate it, but I love it!!

Musical Muses as of late:

Sneaker Pimps - 6 Underground (This song and I go way back)!
Lana Delrey - Young and Beautiful
LORDE - Royals (I can't get enough of LORDE right now)!
Three Days Grace - The High Road (Oh man, this song and the scene that it goes with)!
Keep it Real Bonnie Rae

TLC's 90 Fiance, Get Real...

It is a known fact that 99.9% of all reality shows are scripted in some shape or form. However, that doesn't stop me from watching them. Yes, they're my little guilty pleasure. My husband calls them brain rot and he is probably right.

So this show is on TLC and it is called "90 Fiance". Basically it follows four couples and their ninety day rush to the alter. This show made me laugh. All of the women are from foreign countries. What's up TLC? Can't find any women with mail order grooms? Anyway, all of these men have apparently met and fallen in love with these women. You can go through the couples here 90 Fiance Couples. I am not going to post photos and all that jazz because I don't want to get sued. This post is merely my opinion/review of the show.

Couple 1: Kirlyam and Alan

Kirlyam and Alan met while he was doing missionary work in Brazil. Alan is Mormon. Like, really respects his faith Mormon. I'm all for that. You go bro. Kirlyam is from a very …