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Beautifully Unfinished

My little girl is two years old. Naturally, I am pulling my hair out on daily basis. She's had her share of toddler tantrums; however, recently they've gotten worse. So worse that I've begun to question if they're normal. I'm going somewhere with this. I promise.

You see, I'm bipolar and it scares the dickens out of me that maybe she could be too. The other day she got so frustrated about something she started hitting herself. In. The. Face. As her mother I couldn't lose it in front of her. I couldn't let the huge knot in my stomach take over and force me to my knees in sheer panic.

I didn't want her to know I was scared. Afraid that she might turn out like me.

Instead, I calmed her down and directed her attention to something else. Later when she was napping I sat down and let the full effect of that moment hit me and hit me it did. Wave after wave of guilt crashed over me. I cried and prayed she didn't have my mental issues.

Guys, mental illne…

Happy Thanksgiving - Welcome Back to Blogger, Me!

The other site I used for blogging and I had a falling out.

I'm not sure what happen. My account was terminated so I am assuming in this super offended world we live in, I must have offended someone. Oops.

Looks like I've come home. Hi Blogger buddies! I probably should have never left. =)

Happy Thanksgiving. I will be back with more posts after the Holiday!

Bonnie Rae.