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The Women Have it, Game of Thrones Recap

Can we talk about last night's GoT? I mean, GO WOMEN! It had to be the most empowering episode for my favorite female characters ever (and there were dragons). I was cheering, jumping up and down, clapping, and acting like my husband does during a football game. The episode was that wonderful and inspiring. 
 Let's start with Daenerys. I have always liked her. Like all women in GoT she started out as a pawn in the game of men for the throne of the Seven Kingdoms. She was scared, naive, and quiet. Then she stood in some fire, hatched three dragons, and freed a whole bunch of slaves. She now has a loyal army of free men behind her. Dragon babies that would set the world a blaze at the snap of her fingers and men falling at her feet. Dany has really started to come into her own. She's grown up (and so have her fire breathing babies) and realized a few things: Dragons are powerful and people fear the crap out of them. Yes, they might kill a few innocent people, but a…