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I Did A Thing

Okay, we have all seen Pinterest by now. I am sure like me you have all tried and failed at several very interesting Pinterest ideas. Let's be honest with ourselves, they make it look way too easy most of the time. I know I have picked one or two DIY crafts thinking "this will be a piece of cake" and scrapping it half way through because I realized whoever created it on Pinterest was obviously a DIY Home Network Pro.  I could list my Pinterest failures but today I decided to list just one of my successes.

Have any of you seen the play house makeovers? Pinterest has been flooded with them the last few months and I vowed that if I found a used playhouse for the right price (or free) I would snag it and spruce the thing up. Well, my time came. I found a playhouse for cheap that had been collecting dirt, dust and spiders in someones yard for a few years. A neighbor helped me go pick it up and my two day project began.

I paid $40.00 for the playhouse (I tried but could NOT ge…

Royal Awareness + Happy Birthday

I love that the new generation of royals aren't afraid to take on something as big as mental health. The prince's suffered the loss of their mother at a very young age and in a very tragic and public way. I can only imagine the struggles they went through. It's nice to see the younger royals saying "let's lose the stiff upper lip". As a sufferer of bipolar disorder myself, I am glad to see such high profile people I admire taking a stance for mental health awareness.

Watch The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry in conversation on mental health for — Kensington Palace (@KensingtonRoyal) April 21, 2017

xoxo Bonnie Rae

 Happy Birthday to Queen Elizabeth II. She is 91 years young today.

A Different Perspective

As a parent we often forget to look at life from the perspective of our child's eyes. My daughter is always watching my take photographs of things (my second passion after writing). She received a vtech toddler camera last year for her birthday and hasn't put it to much use until recently. I have been encouraging her to take it a long with us on all our journeys. I ask her to take pictures of things she thinks are interesting. Sometimes she takes some great shots. Other times I have no idea what the blurry mess in the frame is supposed to be, but either way it's been so freaking neat seeing the world from her perspective (and height).

Here are some pictures from our walk the other night:

Her perspective:

My perspective:

I might have a junior photographer on my hands.

Bonnie Rae

Spring Break 2017

Kiddo is only in preschool, but their preschool still had spring break. The teachers needed I break and I can totally respect that. Here are some pictures of our week:

Day One:
Made a homemade chalkboard for outside. I decided on a smaller piece of wood that I could move in and out of the garage and not have to worry about leaving it out all year and deal with weather damage. So far it has been  a huge success but a major pain in the butt to clean. I little cleaning research and I will be golden.

Day 2:
Working in the garden. Kiddo and I love working in the garden and she even planted her own daisies that she is now responsible for. She loves going out to check on them every day (we planted seeds so she is eagerly waiting for them to sprout) and when it is watering day it's sheer bliss for her!

Day 3:
Dance Class (no photos because they are pretty strict about that at her dance studio) and after lunch some good playtime at the park!

Day 4:
We must have partied too hard the first …

Musical Muse

Where words fail, music speaks. ~ Hans Christian Andersen
Being a writer I am often driven by music. I can't live without it. Here are some of my new and old favs on repeat for my two current WIPs:

I knew this guy was talented when I saw him on Glee and this song gave me chills the first time I heard it. Wow. The lyrics fit my two contemporary YA MC's perfectly. One of them suffers from mental illness, you might get that once you hear this song and see the lyrics. A powerful story about love, loss and the power to over come.

 The words in this one say it all. 
My other WIP is a spin on Sleep Beauty. A twisted fantasy that has Beauty, her prince (but not as you know him) and her dragons. Yes, dragons.
I love Linkin Park and this song really reminds me of Beauty.
I can only find a live version of this song, but it's still a very powerful piece. 
What is currently on repeat on your playlist? I really want to know!!
xoxo Bonnie Rae

Beautiful Weekend with Family

My in-laws came up for a visit this weekend and we had a wonderful visit with them. My little girl just adores her Oma and Opa and I treasure the moments seeing her interacting with them. I miss my grandparents dearly, I am glad she gets to experience hers and has such a good relationship with them.

Saturday we took them to the Estrella Warbird Museum and the experience was amazing. Old planes, vintage cars (the also had a Ford and Chevy car show going on while we were there), and really neat military historic items. We all had a favorite area. Kiddo loved running around among all old planes. I favored the vintage cars and Nascar area (yep, I love me some Nascar). Hubs loved all the historical stuff. Oma and Opa loved the entire thing.

Sunday we all ventured down to the beach to pick sea shells at kiddo's request. The day was a lot cooler than Saturday, but fun was still had. We had a picnic lunch and even though it was cold kiddo insisted on ice cream (totally my kid). Another fu…