A Different Perspective

As a parent we often forget to look at life from the perspective of our child's eyes. My daughter is always watching my take photographs of things (my second passion after writing). She received a vtech toddler camera last year for her birthday and hasn't put it to much use until recently. I have been encouraging her to take it a long with us on all our journeys. I ask her to take pictures of things she thinks are interesting. Sometimes she takes some great shots. Other times I have no idea what the blurry mess in the frame is supposed to be, but either way it's been so freaking neat seeing the world from her perspective (and height).

Here are some pictures from our walk the other night:

Her perspective:

My perspective:

I just thought this one was funny because this kid NEVER stops. Endless energy!!!
I might have a junior photographer on my hands.

Bonnie Rae


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