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The Best Kind of Adoption Story

Sometimes volunteering in a shelter can take an emotional toll on a person. We see animals come in from all walks of life and in all kinds of physical and emotional shape. I have seen animals that are happy go lucky and I have also seen ones that have been extremely traumatized. We heal not only their physical wounds but their emotional ones as well. Today was one of those days when all your hard work and dedication advocating for an animal pays off.
Meet Samantha and Sylvester:

These two cats came to us several months ago after their elderly owner passed away. Relatives were unable to care for them and they were surrendered to us. These cats were ten years old and had been adopted together as kittens. They lived their whole lives together and are extremely bonded. Separating them for adoptions wasn't an option. When Sylvester had dental surgery and had to be away from Samantha for a few days, she about lost her dang mind without him. 
As the months rolled on it got harder and ha…

Fostering the Drive

To say I have been busy is an understatement. I have a good excuse. Let me show you:

I have been fostering bottle baby kittens.

I struggled with many things in my life except this. Other than motherhood (which shocked me) I took to fostering right away. Long ago I wanted to travel the world, be a successful writer, and get rich off my crafty etsy side. I dabbled in some of those and quickly realized that I wasn't good at them. I never seemed to have the dedication or the drive to push me further. The will to keep going forward even on the hardest days. But, saving neonate kittens clicked with me. My soul stopped wandering. I no longer search for the legacy I will leave behind. I understand now that saving animals, especially cats has always been my calling.

I still have a long way to go in my journey but I will advocate for these little souls. I will fight to help them have the best start in life and I will learn everything I can as a feline behaviorist to campaign for the rights…