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The Best Kind of Adoption Story

Sometimes volunteering in a shelter can take an emotional toll on a person. We see animals come in from all walks of life and in all kinds of physical and emotional shape. I have seen animals that are happy go lucky and I have also seen ones that have been extremely traumatized. We heal not only their physical wounds but their emotional ones as well. Today was one of those days when all your hard work and dedication advocating for an animal pays off.

Meet Samantha and Sylvester:



These two cats came to us several months ago after their elderly owner passed away. Relatives were unable to care for them and they were surrendered to us. These cats were ten years old and had been adopted together as kittens. They lived their whole lives together and are extremely bonded. Separating them for adoptions wasn't an option. When Sylvester had dental surgery and had to be away from Samantha for a few days, she about lost her dang mind without him. 

As the months rolled on it got harder and harder. They are ten years old and Sylvester has bad arthritis in one of his knee joints and will be on medication for the rest of his life. Trying to adopt out a special needs cat is tough. Trying to adopt him out with a bonded sister, even harder. Nobody wants to take on two ten year old cats and one that has some medical issues. After almost five months we were starting to get worried. People were interested in them, but not as a pair. A hard decision was going to have to be made, and none of us were going to like it. Not only had they lost their original loving owner, the only home they'd ever known, now they might lose each other. It is not a decision made lightly, but they deserve a home. Not a shelter, but a home with comfy furniture, dedicated owners, and round the clock snuggles. 

Then today a miracle walked in through our double doors. A nice lady who was looking to adopt an older cat. She had been in several times but never made a connection with anyone. She was interested in this bonded pair but the idea of two cats was a bit daunting when she came in looking for one. I asked if she would like to meet them and she said yes. After a few minutes she asked what their story was. I explained their situation and even though Sylvester was nervous and being a bit shy, even though Samantha nipped at the nice lady twice (great first impression, Sam =/ ), this wonderful lady said something that made me choke back tears

"I think they need me and I can't go home without them."

We gave her the full run down. We told her Sylvester was special needs. She didn't care. We gave her all kinds of stuff that had been donated to us (pet stairs so he can get up and down easily on furniture, blankets, the beds they loved and had been using). I gave her my personal cell number and told her to call me anytime for anything. The whole shelter rejoiced today because even though it's not easy to see an animal/animals be on the adoption floor for months on end, adoptions like these make everything worth it. I will miss seeing them, reading to them, and singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star to Samantha. But, I know they are in a good home and there is nothing that could make me happier. 

To the lady that adopted them, you are an angel. These two souls will be forever grateful for your kindness, love, and your home. 

This is why I volunteer. 


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