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Fostering Saves Lives

Two weekends ago a friend messaged me and asked if my shelter could save some sick kittens from another area of California because they risked being euthanized simply for having eye infections. The harsh reality of over population of animals (and especially kittens during spring/summer every year) is that, most shelters are too crowded, don't have the manpower or fosters to help care for these animals, and they don't have the funds. So, unless an animal is healthy they are put down almost immediately upon arrival. You might be thinking that isn't the real case. I am telling you it is. I have been volunteering/fostering for many years and in different states. The outcome is always the same. Underfunded and overcrowded do not mix with animal shelters. Please, spay and neuter your animals.

Back to the kittens;

These little guys needed help, but they were several hours from me and my shelter. After getting approval from my shelter's foster coordinator, I had some amazing friends that drove many hours and miles to save these four little lives. Once arriving at my house I assessed them and immediately started treating their eyes with warm compresses and a homemade saline solution (the saline was just until they could get to the vet on Monday, as I acquired them late on a Saturday evening). Since I already had healthy fosters in my kitten room these guys had to stay in my garage (which is climate controlled and still better than being alone, starving, sick and on the streets). I dubbed them the "Garage Band Litter".

Three of the kittens had extreme eye infections:

Bottom right, first day with me. Top right was second day and after several cleanings to the eyes. Left image was the morning I last cleaned them up before they went to the vet that afternoon. 

I am happy my shelter and I could help these babies. They are currently on medications for eye infections and will make a full recovery with NO permanent damage to their eyes. They are currently with another foster in our program and they are thriving.

In their new foster home last week. Already doing so much better. 

Guys, there are still so many kittens and animals that weren't this lucky. Please, help spread the word. Get your pets spayed and neutered. Help with TNR (trap neuter release) programs. Ask how you can help at your local shelters. Foster if you can, but if you can't there are so many other things you can do to help. Just call or visit your local shelter and ask. =)

#FosteringSavesLives but so does #Volunteering. Be the difference you want to see in the world we share with these amazing animals.



  1. It feels me with joy to see you living your soul's purpose by not only helping these little ones, but educating people on what to do. You're doing an amazing job, girl. Keep going.

  2. True and nice milti he magar mohbatt karne ke lie mumtaj nahi milti Play Bazaar kon kaheta hai taj mahel banane ke lie dolat nahi milti Satta King taj mahel banane ke lie dolat.


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