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Nick Furry

I have been fostering these two adorable house panthers since they were two weeks old. At around four weeks of age I started to noticed something wrong with the little male's left eye.

Two week old house panther's in their natural habitat. 
4 weeks old. Blood vessels in the iris are very prominent. Not normal for a kitten of this age.
I contacted my foster coordinator who had me bring him in so our in house vet could take a look at him. She was a bit baffled at what could be causing it so we tested him for various illnesses/cat diseases and they all came back negative. At four weeks old there isn't a lot we could do except wait and see what happened and how the eye developed. After another week I could tell he didn't seem to have vision in that eye and slowly the entire eye globe started to swell. Well, I woke up last Tuesday morning to this:
That escalated quickly.
The vet had me bring him back in and it was apparent the eye would need to be removed. We did not know if it could be a tumor or glaucoma or what the heck the poor little dude had going on. The only issue was that he was tiny and only 1.5 lbs. Typically it isn't that great to do surgery on babies this young and under two pounds can be sketch. So, I took him home. We scheduled surgery for later in the week and my mission was clear. Keep getting him weaned onto solid foods and beef him up a bit. Finally, by the morning of his surgery he weighed 1.7 lbs and we had to take the risk. Guys, I am so thankful my shelter has such wonderful vet staff. The vet is amazing and she had little man in and out of surgery within 40 mins. He did great and went home with the vet for the weekend so she could manage his pain and keep an eye on his now sewed shut eye socket.

I got him back on Monday of this week and oh my gosh, he is a completely different kitten. He is happy, healthy, and super playful. He was ecstatic to be back with his sister and she was equally as happy to see him.

The vet sent the eye off for testing so we can find out what caused this issue, but he will make a full recovery, sans one eye. He has since been dubbed Nick Furry and he is the sweetest little kitten!

Nick Furry
Nick is a little ham for the camera!

I already have multiple people interested in adopting him. He (and his sister who already has a family waiting for her) will get to live long and happy lives because of the amazing effort in all those who have helped them along on their journey. From being rescued as orphaned kittens to all the amazing people at my shelter and their foster program. We rescue, we rehabilitate, and we save lives.

I love what I do.



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