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Hiatus Over & Why I Was Gone So Long

I am going to sum up my hiatus with one adorable picture:

Foster Kitten, Anthony
No, I wasn't just distracted by his cuteness. This little dude suffered a terrible spinal injury while being micro-chipped. No one was at fault. The accident was simply a freak accident. Tragic, but rare and totally a freak thing. Surgery was done and I can say he is recovering well. But, his healing process is a long one and I have never worked with or rehabilitated a partially paralyzed animal before. This is a first for me and I am learning so much.  My shelter is so lucky to have such an amazing and talented vet staff.

I also want to thank the human mom of Waverly McTinybeans for all her advice and taking the time to give it. I know she is a super busy lady and I appreciated every tip.

I have spoken to multiple vets, RVT's and watched every youtube video I could find to help give this guy the best physical therapy I am able. He starts acupuncture sessions next week and little by little he makes progress. His left side is stronger than his right, but the right side shows improvement each day. When I got him back after his surgery (he spent 3 days recovering with the vet) this tiny guy could barely hold his head up on his own. He could move his back legs a tiny bit, but not much. Honestly, not knowing anything about this type of injury or what to expect...we all thought his prognosis wasn't going to be good.

Well, Anthony was ready to prove us wrong. It's only been one week since his injury and surgery and this dude is literally improving each day! This morning I found out he used the litter box all on his own. He eats on his own and plays with his siblings. He can't stand unassisted yet, but he is getting there. He also walks with assistance. His strength gets better each day and my knowledge deepens not only about this kind of rehabilitation but of the drive and will to live animals have. I love him and I am happy to announce he is going to make a wonderful recovery and have great quality of life. I am so proud of him and will continue to share his progress with all of you.

P.S. Thank you, all of you for the support you have shown Anthony and I over the last week. (You know who you are).

More blog posts to come so check back!



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