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Should I Get An Exotic Cat Breed?

He's gorgeous, isn't he? Loki is my 4.5 year old Bengal and I can tell you he is a lot of work, but I knew that going in before I got him. I did endless hours of research on the breed. Talked with multiple breeders that were familiar with their genetic make up and behaviors. I knew he would require a lot and even though I prepared myself, I was still blown away by how much of commitment these breeds are.

All exotic cat breeds require a lot of time and tons of training for both human and cat. Although, even with the training your exotic cat may still not listen or act out. Remember, these cats are breed down the line starting with their exotic father. This means they do still have wild tendencies depending on the filial generation they fall under. Filial generations for most exotic cat breeds are as follows:

F1 - 1st Generation  Exotic cat + Domestic Mother
F2 - 2nd Generation Domestic Father + F1 Mother
F3 - 3rd Generation Domestic Father +  F2 Mother
F4 - 4th Generation  Dom…

Kitten Season 2018 Comes to and End

Foster kitten season 2018 is coming to a close. My last two kittens will be going to their forever home tomorrow evening and I could not be more excited for them and their new family. These two, their journey was a long one. Especially for Jack who had to overcome a spinal injury half way through his stay with me. He has forever touched my heart and I was blessed to be able to help him and his siblings grow, thrive, and get adopted. These two will always be my special little babies. I love you Jack and Emma.