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Thanksgiving Safety for Cats

Thanksgiving is tomorrow and while we humans will gorge on all things delicious, our cats will be looking for ways to also enjoy the day. However, not many people know the potential dangers lurking around Thanksgiving. Here are some tips and things to avoid this Turkey Day to keep your cat safe and happy:

Floral Centerpieces:

While bouquets are gorgeous and full of fall flowery goodness most plants and flowers are toxic to cats. Lillies and Poinsettias are extremely toxic and even if the ingestion is a small amount it can be fatal very quickly.The ASPCA has a great list of plants and flowers that are toxic to cats and you can check that out here:  ASPCA Toxic Plant List

Candles, potpourri, and essential oil dispensers:

Most oils are highly toxic to cats. Candles can cause respiratory issues and irritation to their eyes if heavily scented. Potpourri not only has small and dangerous ingestible pieces it also contains oils which, as mentioned above, are extremely toxic to cats. Especially, Lavender. 

Table Foods:

Some cats can tolerate small amounts of table scraps and be okay. If you have a cat with sensitive tummy issues giving them a "special holiday treat" can cause serious illness. Always err on the side of caution. Never give stuffing or anything that is seasoned with sage as sage is highly toxic to our feline family members. I can't leave out the classic "turkey bones" warning. Make sure you keep an eye on what your kitty is getting, who is feeding kitty, and that all are aware and looking for bones. Here is an ASPCA list of dangerous people food for pets: ASPCA Dangerous Foods List for Pets


Keep an eye on kitty as guests arrive. Also remind guest that your kitty/kitties aren't allowed outside. If you have a door greeter like me (my little one eyed kitty LOVES greeting guests) think of putting kitty up while guests are arriving and departing. Make sure kitty/kitties have on any collars with emergency notification tags.


While I have two cats who are extremely people friendly and social, I also have two that are shy and not happy about a house full of guests. Make sure you have a safe/private place just for kitty if your feline feels like they need to get away for a bit. If you have an extremely shy cat I suggest keeping kitty in a nice quiet room away from the festivities. Trust me, they'll thank you for it.

I hope you all have a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving.


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